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Sons of Norway - Norwegian Culture - Recipes - Cardamom Cone-Shaped Wafers (Krumkaker)

Egg (1 egg makes 9 wafers)
Butter or margarine

Weight the egg(s) with shell on. To the weight of each egg add the same weight each of sugar, butter, and flour, mixed with a little cardamom. Mix it all together. Heat krumkake iron, ungreased, until a drop of water sputters when sprinkled on its surface. Butter iron slightly for the first two cakes. Place a generous tablespoon of batter in the middle of the iron and close. Bake over medium heat until golden. Remove cake with a fork and immediately roll up into cone or cylinder shape.

Variation: Quickly place krumkake in or over a small dessert cup or bowl and serve as dessert filled with whipped cream and fruit or berries of your choice.

Ekte Norsk Mat--Authentic Norwegian Cooking is available for purchase, through the Vesterheim bookstore. Call toll free at (800) 979-3346.

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