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Sons of Norway - Norwegian, Lesson 1
  Norwegian Alphabet
  Thanks to Norwegian teacher and Sons of Norway member Kari Diesen-Dahl for letting us print the Norwegian alphabet she uses in her classes. Please print out a copy of it for later reference.
Letter Pronunciation Description
 A a  ah  English "a" in father
 B b  beh  be in before
 C c  seh  c in celebrate
 D d  deh  d in detour
 E e  eh  e in enemy
 F f  eff  f in four
 G g  geh  English "g" in get
 H h  haw  h in haul/help
 I i  ee  ee in see
 J j  yod or yeh  y in yes
 K k  kaw  k in kitten
 L l  ell  l in letter
 M m  emm  m in money
 N n  enn  n in no
 O o  ooo  o in oolalah
 P p  peh  p in people
 Q q  koo  qu in quick
 R r  err  English "r" in ring
 S s  ess  s in something
 T t  teh  t in ten
 U u  oo  oo in balloon
 V v  veh  v in very
 W w  dobbelveh  v in vessel
 X x  eks  x in x-ray
 Y y  iy  say ee while pucking your lips
 Z z  sett  s in self
 Æ æ  a  English "a" in cat/bad
 Ø ø  uh  u in hurt
 Å å  awe  aw in paw

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