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posted on Mon, Aug 7 2017 1:59 pm by Anya Britzius


In the August issue of Viking, we highlight family-friendly ideas for exploring Norway. Looking for more? Here, we’ve rounded up some excursions in Ålesund, Molde and Bergen that will reward you with fantastic views.


The Art Nouveau town is one of the most visited in Norway. It stretches across several islands into the Atlantic Ocean near the high mountains of the Sunnmøre Alps. A walk up Mount Aksla is one of the city’s premier attractions. The 418 steps lead to spectacular views of the islands and skerries below. Visitors can also rent a taxi or take the city train to the summit. Hikers should start in Town Park on the west side of Mount Aksla, which includes statues of German Kaiser Wilhelm II, who helped the town rebuild after the 1904 fire. For a leisurely hike up Sukkertoppen Mountain, start at Hessa, which can be accessed by bus or car from the city center.



Known as the “City of Roses,” Molde is picturesque town that sits on the shore of the Romsdalsfjord and is surrounded by forests and fjords. Head to Varden viewpoint for stunning views of the city and the area’s 222 partially snow-clad peaks. It takes about an hour to walk to the top if you take the nature trail from Molde’s center. Or, hop in the car for a 10-minute drive! Vardestua restaurant is located at the top. 




The mountains around Bergen offer great walking areas. Hop aboard the funicular to summit Mount Fløyen. At the top, enjoy walking trails of varying length and difficulty around the mountain. For those looking for a longer hike, Vidden Plateau is popular. The classic hike takes you between Mount Ulriken and Mount Fløyen. You’ll pass by places with rich cultural history and unique views of the city.


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