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Simple Fundraising Ideas

Not every fundraiser needs to be a big endeavor for your lodge; often smaller projects can be as effective as a large event, but better suited for a lodge with fewer resources. The following ideas require less planning, while still providing extra income for your lodge: Collect printer cartridges. Depending on the printer, used cartridges can be worth anywhere between $1 and [...]

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Celebrate Our Recruiters!

Have you gotten your invitation to the Recruiters' Reception yet? Recruiting one new dues paying member between now and the August 21 gets you an invitation* to one of the most fun events at this year's International Convention in Fargo. Hosted by the Sons of Norway Fraternal Department, the Recruiters' Reception celebrates the organization's most passionate and engaged members. Here are some [...]

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Planning a Cultural Fair

Several lodges throughout Sons of Norway participate in cultural fairs by either joining other groups or by hosting one themselves. These events provide a unique opportunity for a lodge to showcase the best of Norwegian food and culture for people in the community who may not have an opportunity to experience it otherwise. One lodge, Vestland #1-601, has found success with [...]

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Planning a St. Olav’s Day Brunch

July 29th marks the annual celebration of one of Norway's most famous icons, St. Olav. Because Olav converted Norway to Christianity, the holiday has a strong religious connection, but has also become a reason to celebrate Norwegian history. To mark the occasion dinners, medieval markets and concerts can be found throughout Norway. Your lodge members may not be familiar with the holiday, [...]

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Creating an Inviting Lodge

Beyond the greeter's welcome at the door, creating an inviting lodge can be accomplished by all lodge officers and leaders. Lodges that put an emphasis on creating a welcoming environment see the results in increased retention rates. Here are some simple suggestions you and the rest of your lodge officers can use to help create a more welcoming environment for new [...]

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Adding a Greeter to Your Lodge

Polar Star 5-472 set a goal for itself in 2014: to develop lodge activities that would fulfill the requirements for parts 1 and 2 of the Cultural Skills unit on Norwegian Music. Cultural Director Barb Johnson facilitated the effort, laying out which activities each member needed to complete in order to meet the requirements. For Part 1, Barb Johnson gave a presentation [...]

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Simple Syttende Mai Ideas

Syttende Mai is a great time for every lodge to showcase their Norwegian pride in the community. However, not every lodge has the resources to organize a large parade or banquet. Luckily, the Sons of Norway Headquarters has resources available for lodges to organize their own Syttende Mai program. The info bank units, mini presentations and other tools available in the [...]

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Volunteer for Syttende Mai

Syttende Mai is one of the biggest celebrations of Norwegian culture and is marked by parades and celebrations. In Norway, the holiday is highlighted with children marching in parades carrying the banners of their schools. It’s time to celebrate Norway’s belief that children are the future. Similarly, Syttende Mai should be a time for your lodge to invest in the future [...]

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Large Lodge Fundraisers

More elaborate fundraisers are a terrific option for large lodges or those with an active membership base. While they’ll require a bit more planning up front, these fundraisers have an ability to raise more money. Here are three unique ways your lodge can raise extra money during the next year: State or County Fair. This has been a very profitable fundraiser for [...]

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Finding the Perfect Project

One of the most difficult parts of volunteering is finding the right project. With so many charities looking for help, there are numerous ways your lodge can give back during the holiday season. Here are some ideas to get you started: The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is best known for its red kettles and bell ringers outside stores during the holidays. [...]

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