From a rosemaled spice cabinet to a complete Illinois bunad, the 2016 International Folk Art Competition and Exhibition, part of the International Convention in Tacoma, Wash., featured an array of intricate pieces crafted by over 50 talented Sons of Norway members from across the globe.


More than 90 items competed for various titles in 10 different artistic categories during the international celebration of Norwegian heritage and culture. Announced below are the award recipients from the 2016 competition.


Taking home the People’s Choice Award, determined by popular vote, and the Sons of Norway Foundation Golden Jubilee Award, awarded to an item representing a unique or non-traditional approach to a traditional craft, was Kirsten Håheim from 8-018 Haugaland Lodge for her Stavanger woven rug.


The Best in Show Award, for the judges’ overall favorite, was awarded to Kristine Crompton from 2-015 Grieg Lodge, for her ivory hardanger piece.


First, second and third place ribbons were also awarded in each of the respective art categories as determined by the judges.


Below are the winners in each of the qualifying categories:


Best In Show

 Kristine Crompton, 2-015 - First Prize






Golden Jubilee & People's Choice Winner

 Kirsten L. Håheim, 8-018 - First Prize






Gayle Oram, 2-038 - First Prize

Gayle Oram, 2-038 - Second Prize

Charolette Sather, 6-043 - Third Prize





Kirsten L. Håheim, 8-018 - First Prize

Christine Loken-Kim, 3-506 - Second Prize

Carol Culbertson, 5-314 - Third Prize





Kristine Crompton, 2-015 - First Prize

Anna Børkja, 8-023 - Second Prize

Carol Culbertson, 5-314 - Third Prize





Gloria Benazic, 7-017 - First Prize

Marlene Lane, 4-138 - Second Prize

Vicki A. Nelson, 2-130 - Third Prize






Bruce Fihe, 6-052 - First Prize

Lynn Rundhaugen, 3-428 - Second Prize

Barb Johnson, 5-472 - Third Prize




Crocheting & Tatting

Gloria Benazic, 7-017 - First Prize

Gloria Benazic, 7-017 - Second Prize

Marlene Lane, 4-138 - Third Prize




Figure Carving

A. Lowell Torkelson, 1-059 - First Prize







Jeanne Engelsmeier, 1-559 - First Prize

Martha Elliott, 4-067 - Second Prize

Teresa Broadhead, 6-024 - Third Prize



Drawing & Painting

Hoanna Van Nyhuis, 6-159 - First Prize

Hoanna Van Nyhuis, 6-159 - Second Prize

Thelma Lysne, 7-053 - Third Prize




Donald Post, 2-087 - First Prize

Vivian Bates, 7-019 - Second Prize

Teresa Broadhead, 6-024 - Third Prize

Ella Peddy, 4-493 - Third Prize