Here is a quick summary of all the most important announcements you as a lodge leader need to know this month.

Special Lodge Anniversaries: January through June, 2020

3-501, Vikingworld, Orlando, FL – March 7, 1970 (50 Years)

1-498, Nordlys, Roseau, MN – March 23, 1970 (50 Years)

1-500, Bemidji, Bemidji, MN – March 24, 1970 (50 Years)

2-096, Epledalen, Wenatchee, WA – April 11, 1970 (50 Years)

4-499, Jotunheimen, Billings, MT – May 8, 1970 (50 Years)

6-162, Fjelldalen, Denver, CO – June 24 1995 (25 Years)


D64 Forms

The D64 form is a new form for lodges and districts that own property. The D64 form needs to be completed and sent to Sons of Norway Headquarters by March 15, 2020.

For clarification: This is not the same as the D63, which asks for lodge officer information. Rather, the D64 is only for lodges/districts that own buildings or other property. Use the D64 form to report details about the property and the members serving as officers. We need this information in order to be compliant with IRS regulations, so we appreciate your attention to this matter.


2020 International Convention at the Scandic Ringsaker Hotel

The 2020 International Convention will be held on August 19-23 at the Scandic Ringsaker Hotel in Ringsaker, Norway. Due to significant space limitations, we are asking that only official convention delegates book rooms at the Scandic Ringsaker. If you or other members of your lodge are planning to attend the convention in any capacity other than as an official delegate, please make arrangements at another nearby hotel. We greatly appreciate your cooperation to ensure space for our convention delegates!


Updated Leadership Roles and Guidelines

All of our officer job descriptions and guidelines were recently reformatted and updated. You can find the new Leadership Roles and Guidelines page here.