woman sitting at computerPaper membership applications that arrive at Sons of Norway Headquarters by December 16, 2019 are guaranteed to be processed in time to count toward the year end totals for 2019. These totals are used to determine lodge recruitment contest numbers and delegate counts for the 2020 district conventions.

Paper membership applications arriving after 12/16/2019 will still be processed, but they may not count toward the year-end totals.

New members can also be enrolled online at sofn.com. Avoid processing delays by getting new members enrolled as soon as possible. Remember, if your lodge votes on new members, you will not be able to sign them up online.

Unfortunately, headquarters staff are unable to take payment information over the phone, so mailing in a paper application or signing up new members online are the only options.

Questions? Contact Doris Kamstra or Sherry Gorse at 1-800-945-8851 x4697 or x4643.