Syttende Mai is a celebration of Norwegian culture and community, and it is also a youth-centered holiday. While there are flag-filled parades in Norway, your lodge can find ways to celebrate Norwegian heritage on any scale. Here are some ideas to include in your Syttende Mai event:

Festive foods
Go classic: Serve hot dogs in lefse and consume as much ice cream and soda as you like

Get fancy: Host a brunch with gravlaks, cheese, smørbrød and waffles, and champagne or sparkling juice

Parade about
Host a parade, even if it’s just through a park
Put on a bunad fashion show
Host a choir or band performance

Celebrate your heritage
Fly the Norwegian flag – the more, the better
Sing Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet and other Norwegian tunes
Present the history of the signing of the constitution

Have some fun
Take a quiz about Norway
Read facts about Syttende Mai
Learn some basic Norwegian phrases

Community focus
Plan a group volunteer activity
Organize a park cleanup day for all ages
Pass a resolution through your city to proclaim May 17th Norwegian Constitution Day (see p. 7)

While Syttende Mai is a day for fun and celebration, it’s also a great day to showcase Norwegian pride in your community.

Does your lodge have an event planned? Be sure to add it to our events calendar at and share it on Sons of Norway’s Facebook page.

Still looking for special programming for Syttende Mai?
Contact Jana Velo, Culture Coordinator, at [email protected] for ideas to add a little extra Norwegian flair to your May lodge event!