Father with children exercising at homeSons of Norway lodges may not be meeting in person for the time being, but there are still many opportunities to earn points toward the Sports Medal Program. Using a little creativity, members can stay active and safe within their home or yard. Here are some activity suggestions to pass along to members through your lodge’s website, social media pages, or e-newsletter:

Play kubb with your housemates
Do a jump rope workout – using real or imaginary equipment
Find a senior workout that suits you
Try some High Intensity Interval Training on the lawn
Take an online yoga class
Walk a mile without leaving the house
Do some canned food weightlifting
Get your blood pumping with a chair workout
Practice tai chi
Get inspired by an episode of Team Ingebrigtsen and go for an indoor jog

Share these activity suggestions with your lodge members, and contact Jana Velo at [email protected] or 612-821-4642 to order tracking cards and medals. We continue to send out tracking cards and medals so you’ll be able to present the awards the next time your lodge meets. If getting cards to your lodge members is difficult, please encourage them to track their mileage or workout type/length on paper, or by using an electronic spreadsheet. The point values for Idrettsmerke can be found by logging into sonsofnorway.com and visiting to the sports medals page.

Coming soon:
Sons of Norway’s Sports Medals Program takes it to the next level! Look for an upcoming announcement about two new sports medals for members interested in new sports challenges.