Your lodge may not be meeting in person right now, or even for the next few months. That doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected to all things Norwegian. Here are a few of our online resources for you to share with your lodge members.



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In addition to storing our monthly newsletter content, our blog also features even more cultural content, like Norwegian news, and updates from us at headquarters.

Here are a few of our recent favorites:

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Facebook Group

For even more history and cultural content, be sure to check out our Sons of Norway Facebook Group. With more than 17,000 members, this group has many posts per day from both members and non-members around all things Norwegian.

Learn more about life in Norway, connect with fellow Sons of Norway members, and see stunning photos of Norway’s landscape. You can view all posts without joining the group, but you must join to make posts yourself. Once your join request is accepted, you can post anything related to Norwegian culture and heritage.

Note: Posts in this group are from the members of the group and are not endorsed by Sons of Norway headquarters.