Don’t forget that your favorite member benefit is available anytime online! The Viking magazine digital archive features include:

24/7 Availability

Whether you lost your copy of your favorite issue or just want to read the magazine in a different format, the digital archive is available to members 24/7. It’s accessible by logging in with your Sons of Norway credentials and visiting

screen shot of Viking archive page

Once you log in to, you can view the Viking magazine archive at

First-time users may need to enter in their credentials twice: once to log in to, and again to access the digital archive. Not sure what your credentials are? Contact [email protected].

screenshot of preview page

Use the Sign In button to re-enter your credentials.


Past Issues

Past issues of the magazine are available in the archive, going all the way back to 2011. Use the navigation feature on the left-side of the window easily switch between issues.

screen shot showing navigation bar

Click on the navigation button in the upper left corner to access the archives.


archive sidebar image

Once you click on the menu, you can select the year you are looking for.


past issues screen shot

Once you select a year, you will see all issues from that year. Click on the issue of your choice to access.

Robust search feature

Looking for a recipe or history article? Simply the archive, and click in the search bar to enter in your query. Browse through the results to find your answer.

search bar screen shot

Find the search bar in the upper right corner of any page in the archives.


search results screen shot

Once you search, you’ll see a list of the results by page. Click on any result to jump into that issue of the magazine.

Note: this search bar is not tied to the website search. It will only show results from past issues of Viking magazine.


Links to websites

Need help accessing a website/link that was mentioned in the magazine? Head on over to the archive for an easy way to access. Simply pull up the issue you’re reading, and click on the link. Your web browser will take you right to the page.

screenshot of hyperlink

While viewing, click on the referenced ink and your browser will open the URL in a new window.