Important Reminder

Paper membership applications that arrive at Sons of Norway Headquarters by December 16, 2019 are guaranteed to be processed in time to count toward the year end totals for 2019. These totals are used to determine lodge recruitment contest numbers and delegate counts for the 2020 district conventions.

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Membership Dues Now Included in Three Products From Sons of Norway!

As of November 1st, the following Sons of Norway products have been repriced to include membership dues, eliminating the need for a separate dues payment: Guaranteed Issue Whole Life, Simplified Issue Whole Life and Single Premium Simplified Issue Whole Life. Those products have also been renamed Guaranteed Solution, Simple Solution and One Solution, respectively. 

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2019 Lodge Achievement Program Kickoff

Sons of Norway’s Lodge Achievement program honors outstanding lodges and celebrates their excellence. The forms for the program—Lodge Achievement (LA), Family Lodge of the Year (FLOY), and American Fraternal Alliance (AFA) Year End Report—can all be downloaded as PDFs. There are also online versions of the LA and FLOY forms that can be filled out and submitted electronically.

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Reinstating Members

If someone whose membership has lapsed wants to become a member again, they are referred to as a reinstating member. A member can reinstate their membership in any of the following ways...

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Web Tip: Use Your Phone or Tablet to Sign Up a New Member

It’s easy to sign up a new member using your phone or a tablet. Just follow these simple steps. Make sure you bring your tablet to your next community event and invite new members! To start, click on the menu button from your mobile device and select Join/Renew. Want to bring a copy of this with you to [...]

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