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The sights, sounds and tastes of Norwegian culture are captivating to people from all walks of life. So it stands to reason that Sons of Norway be the first stop for anyone who’s looking to explore and discover its treasures. Not a member? You can still browse some of our recipes, language lessons, and a sampling from Viking magazine – and don’t forget: membership gives you access to additional benefits, like travel discounts and your own copy of Viking magazine delivered monthly to your home. Find out more today.


Members get full access to all of our recipe files for authentic Norwegian appetizers, desserts, main dishes, open-face sandwiches…take a peek at a few of our featured recipes here.

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As you dive into your research, you’ll get to know your ancestors – who they were, where they came from and what they did with their lives.

The Sons of Norway genealogy resources will help you through this process with insights into Norwegian society, names, language and more; while also providing lists of additional resources, organizations and websites.

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Language Lessons

Freshen up your Norwegian or learn it for the first time! We make it easy with “Norwegian in 5 minutes a month.”

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Cultural Programming

Get the exclusive resources to connect with your heritage, be it a traditional recipe, learning a cultural skill, or researching your ancestors.

Downloadable PDFs provide a framework for learning about traditional and contemporary Norwegian cultural skills, including rosemaling, folk dancing, cooking and literature.

Sports Medals

The Sons of Norway Sports Medal Program is a fun and engaging way to stay active while enjoying the Norwegian tradition of friluftsliv (outdoor life and recreation)! It’s uniquely designed to reward healthy habits at every age, activity level and exercise preference.

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