The Sons of Norway Sports Medal Program rewards you for four different levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Enamel. Here's how to earn your pins:

  • Work through the Sports Medal Program of your choice in a sequence, beginning with the bronze pin.
  • The requirements for each level should be met within 365 days.
  • As you engage in your selected activity, log the time or distance on your record card.
  • If you achieve a level in less time, you can immediately begin working on the requirements for the next level of the sequence.
  • You must start at zero every time you begin earning points for your next pin.


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Idrettsmerke - General Fitness


The idrettsmerke is the Sports Medal Program’s general sports and fitness pin that rewards a variety of activities. Any activity can count towards an idrettsmerke, so if you don't see your activity of choice on the card, contact your Sports Director to create a program that accommodates to your activity.

Download the "Idrettsmerke" (Sports and Fitness) Record - Form 811 (37K)


Skimerke - Skiing


The skimerke is the Sports Medal Program’s cross-country skiing pin. Cross-country skiing, a sport introduced to North America by Nordic immigrants, is a way to enjoy the outdoors during the cold winter months. 

Download the "Skimerke" (Skiing) Record - Form 804 (30K)


Svømmemrke – Swimming


The svømmemerke is the Sports Medal program's swimming pin. Flutter kick, freestyle, back crawl and breaststroke can all propel you through the water and towards a bronze, silver, gold or enamel pin.

Download the "Svømmemerke" (Swimming) Record - Form 810 (33K)


Sykkelmerke - Biking


The sykkelmerke is the Sports Medal Program’s bicycling pin. If you cycle indoors or outdoors for recreation, transportation or competition, use that effort over the year to earn a pin.

Download the "Sykkelmerke" (Bicycling) Record - Form 810 (33K)


Gangmerke - Walking


The gangmerke is the Sports Medal Program’s walking pin. On average it takes 2000 steps to walk a mile – log every mile you walk because each step brings you closer to earning a pin.

Download the "Gangmerke" (Walking) Record - Form 813 (30K)