In the August 2016 issue of Viking, we highlight food blogger and photographer Nevada Berg. She runs her blog, North Wild Kitchen, from her 17th-century mountain farm in Numedal, Norway. Inspired by Norway’s natural beauty, Berg’s recipes and photography celebrate seasonal ingredients, and blend tradition with unique flavors. Check out more from the interview below.

“Growing up, my mother’s bookshelves were overflowing with cookbooks. Her food always had a sense of love in it. Her passion for cooking for others has certainly been passed down to me.”

“Often times inspiration comes straight from an ingredient — perhaps a berry, a wild herb or from cookbooks. I like to see a visual of food and create from that.”

“Recently, I created a cake using local honey, nettles from the farm and a light frosting of almond whipped cream. I have been stopped quite a few times from people telling me how interesting the recipe is and how they plan to make it at home. That is one of the best compliments to hear.”

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