A look at Norway’s coffee culture

In a recent list of the top ten coffee-consuming countries reported by WorldAtlas, half were Nordic countries. In fact, Norway claimed second place right behind Finland. Although it is very apparent from this list that Norwegians love their coffee, that has not always been the case.

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Oslo gets creative to save a springtime tradition

Ski trails made of artificial snow in the Voldslokka park in Oslo. Image credit: AFP As the Easter season approaches and winter prepares to melt away, Oslo residents are bustling to escape into marka, the wooded hills surrounding the city, to enjoy one of Norway’s most favored forms of recreation: cross-country skiing. This final pilgrimage of the season typically results [...]

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3 more nature walks to explore in Norway

Norway is known for its abundant natural beauty, with glaciers, fjords, mountains and lush greenery. Even metropolitan areas like Oslo offer hiking opportunities and breathtaking views nearby. The March issue of Viking highlights five accessible hiking spots near this area, with scenic trails, spectacular views and interesting cultural landmarks. Here are a few more beautiful places to explore in Norway for hikers [...]

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