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“The Farm” Puts Celebrities to Work

Imagine a competition where you have to milk a cow, wrestle, or build and start a bonfire for a chance to win big. Norwegian reality TV series Farmen Kjendis (Celebrity Farmer) is the celebrity spin-off of another Norwegian reality TV series, Farmen (The Farm).

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Unique WW II Airplane Unearthed in Norway after 76 Years

Image Credit: TONY HOSKINS A rare World War II fighter plane, piloted by a Scotsman who was a key figure in “The Great Escape," has been recovered largely intact from a Norwegian mountainside. In 1942, RAF Flight Lieutenant Alastair “Sandy” Gunn, 22, was on a clandestine mission to take photos of a German battleship in Trondheim Fjord when his [...]

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Great Norwegian Adventure to Cast its 10th Season

The world’s nicest reality show, Alt for Norge—known in English as The Great Norway Adventure—is about to cast its 10th season.  In this heritage-based reality show, a dozen Norwegian-Americans fly to their ancestral homeland to compete in a variety of culture-related challenges. The challenges range from culinary feats such as eating sea urchin, to the adventurous challenge of spending a proper [...]

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Celebrate the Cinnamon Roll this Fall

October 4 is Kanelbolledagen, or Cinnamon Roll Day. These beloved pastries are known by many names, such as kanelbolle (cinnamon bun), kanelsnurr (pinwheel), kanelknute (knot) or skillingsbolle (shilling bun). The latter is how they are known in Bergen, named for their original price. Skillingsboller are traditionally a snail shape, with high butter content and granulated sugar on top, rather than glaze [...]

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Kvikk Lunsj and the Candy Bar War

Norway’s Kvikk Lunsj and England’s Kit Kat have long been the subject of comparison - Which came first? Which tastes better? Who has cooler packaging? Recently the candy bar war has extended to “Which one should own the trademark to the four-bar shape?” (Spoiler alert: neither one.) Origin story While Kit Kat began production in London in 1935, Freia started producing [...]

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Sharing the Gift of Genealogy

The box of old letters that unlocks a family connection … an anniversary party photo showing multiple generations … documentation like this can provide priceless clues in tracing your family lineage.  People tend to view genealogy as a look back in time, rather than a piece of the present. In the August 2018 edition of Viking, members can access an article about [...]

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