Have you been dreaming of a trip to Scandinavia more so than ever? In the July 2022 issue of Viking, we’re celebrating travel once again. In addition to rounding up some of the coolest one-of-a-kind stays across the country and an insider’s guide to Iceland, this issue dives into practical information for traveling in this new era. On page 18, you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions about what to expect and where to visit on your next Norwegian excursion. If you’re looking for more great travel inspiration, check out some of our previous Viking articles. Here are some of our favorites.

The Ultimate Norway Bucket List
January 2020

Brimming with breathtaking scenery, unique experiences, amazing wildlife and a strong Viking history, Norway is a traveler’s dream. Let this article be your guide for filling out your bucket list with experiences such as staying in an Arctic Dome, hiking to Trolltunga, puffin watching on Runde Island, kayaking the fjords and chasing waterfalls.

Exploring Oslo by Neighborhood
January 2019
Located at the head of the Oslo fjord, Norway’s capital city has a vibrant cultural scene, world-class restaurants and dazzling architectural landmarks. It’s also one of Europe’s fast-growing capitals. It’s a city of juxtapositions—cosmopolitan meets charming, modern meets historic. This article breaks down Oslo by neighborhood and offers ideas about where to eat, stay, shop and play.

Finding the Faroe Islands
January 2018
For an archipelago roughly the size of Phoenix, the Faroe Islands offer unique and thrilling experiences for every kind of traveler packed into one compact, stunning destination. Faroe’s 18 mountainous islands are located halfway between Iceland and Norway. One of the area’s strongest draws for tourists is the place itself—jagged cliffs jutting up from an ice-blue ocean. The high season for tourism is the summer, when most tours and amenities are open to visitors.

Majestic Waterfalls
January 2017

Stitched into the mountainsides, cascading into fjords, and punctuating rivers, waterfalls give breathtaking dimension to Norway’s landscape. The falling water is equal parts powerful and delicate. Beyond their stunning appearances, waterfalls supply both energy and sport. The cascades also provide a challenge of strength and strategy for river kayakers, hikers and ice climbers.