>>>Medicare Supplement Insurance


Sons of Norway offers Medicare Supplement Insurance* that can help you pay for some eligible medical expenses that aren’t covered by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Who is it for?

You might be interested in Medicare Supplement Insurance* if you’re already on Medicare – or about to be. In addition, this might be a good option for you if you’re concerned about potential gaps in the coverage offered by Medicare A and B, which is as follows:

Medicare Part A (covers the following hospital services)

  • In-patient hospital services.
  • Skilled nursing facility care.
  • Home health care.
  • Hospice care.

Medicare Part B (covers the following medical services)

  • Medical expenses.
  • Home health care.
  • Clinical laboratory services.
  • Outpatient hospital treatment.
  • Durable medical equipment and supplies.
  • Preventive health services, including exams, health screenings and shots.

Do you need Medicare Supplemental?

A Sons of Norway Financial Benefits Counselor can help you answer this question. Get your free Financial Review and get started toward a more secure tomorrow.

*Coverage provided through a third party vendor.