With more than 40 years of experience, Nancy Bundt  has photographed a range of subjects—from food and travel to fashion and music. The Minneapolis native currently lives in Norway with her husband. Learn more about her in Viking’s October issue and see more from the interview below.


What is your favorite thing to photograph?

I’ve created 18 cookbooks, four of them with major Norwegian publishers. I style most of them, or sometimes the chef will do it. I made one book called “A Taste of Norway.” I spent 80 days traveling and working with lots of different chefs. I’ve photographed food in Norway for a lot of food magazines—I’ve seen a lot of food, farms and the production of food from pigs to vegetables.


What advice would you have for someone starting photography?  

Be stubborn, and really want it. All levels can be published. The important thing is the desire.


Tell us about the magazine you launched.

It’s a magazine about Norway in English, called Real Norway. The first edition sold out in three months, and it got picked up by Norwegian embassies around the world. I launched it in the U.S. Ambassador’s House in Oslo and The Grand Hotel. All the writers are Americans who have decided to live in Norway, and almost all of them are married to Norwegians. We have a different point-of-view than Norwegians have about themselves. We might even publish it in Chinese, as the Chinese are extremely interested in Norway right now.