Behind the Scenes: A Sweet Photo Shoot

The Viking team shot the December cover story in late September with baker and food stylist Betsy Nelson and photographer Richard Westley Wong. We had so much fun preparing the treats — and eating them once the shoot wrapped. Take a look at some of our favorite moments below.

Since the tree cake toppers had to set for at least an hour, Betsy tackled those first. She set our color palette for the day by mixing candy melts to create a variety of blue and green tones.

Betsy and Viking Art Director Amy Armato strategically placed the tree toppers on the cake for the first photos of the day: the cover image.

Meanwhile, others prepared the orange pomanders. Using a rubber band helped ensure we were creating straight lines with the cloves. These smelled amazing!

Betsy styled the opening spread, which featured the cake, orange pomanders and oranges with mead sabayon.

To get the overhead shots, Richard positioned the camera directly over the food and controlled the camera with a remote.

After a hard — but fun — day’s work, it was finally time to eat cake!

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