As 2019 approaches, the city of Oslo is preparing for the 150th birthday celebration of Norway’s most famous sculptor: Gustav Vigeland. Institutions around Norway are preparing to celebrate with a lineup of installations and celebrations. Keep an eye out for these events:

Anniversary Exhibition

Vigeland Museum

Opens April 11, 2019

Traveling Exhibition

Norway’s National Museum

On display though 2020

Summer Vigeland Showcase

Thielska Gallery


Want to learn more about Vigeland? Check out Viking’s December issue and these additional fun facts.

  • Vigeland designed what is perhaps the most famous award in the world: the Nobel Peace Prize medal. Featuring Alfred Nobel on the front, the backside pictures three men forming a fraternal bond with the phrase “Pro pace et fraternitate gentium,” or “For the peace and brotherhood of men.”
  • Vigeland shared a room and studio with famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch when the two were in Berlin. Rumor has it, the two got into an argument and Vigeland threw a clay bust of Munch at the artist, completely destroying the piece.
  • Though Vigeland is best known for his sculptures, he also practiced art in the form of woodcuts, drawings, photography and wrought iron. He even made many of the decorations for his home, which is now a museum, such as candleholders and chandeliers.
  • Gustav isn’t the only famous Vigeland. His younger brother, Emanuel, went on to become an artist as well, and there’s a museum dedicated to his sculptures and paintings in Oslo.