As 2020 comes to a close, so does another year of Viking magazine. What a year it has been! Our 12 issues from 2020 include 37 feature stories that span topics such as Scandinavian food, travel, history, modern culture, genealogy and more. Here’s a look back at some of this year’s must-read articles.

Foodie Favorites

Highlighting Scandinavian food and approaches to cooking is one of the best ways to celebrate the culture. Coffee lovers check out the March issue, which features four coffee-infused recipes: crisp coffee caraway rye crackers, coffee steak rub, chocolate coffee tart and iced coffee with cardamom saffron golden milk. If you’ve ever wanted to peek behind the scenes of a Viking photo shoot, check out the details from this shoot here.

The June issue explored the sweet and colorful world of Scandinavian candy and what makes it different. Salty licorice, rainbow rolls and rhubarb logs, oh my! As summer set in, we shared simple ways to preserve nature’s bounty the Nordic way in the July issue. Preserving doesn’t have to be difficult. Just ask Beth Dooley and Mette Nielsen, who shared their wonderful recipes for zucchini onion relish, black currant jam and baked strawberry preserves.

Travel Favorites

Even though 2020 was not a year for people around the world to travel, we hope readers will look back on Viking’s January issue when the time comes again to visit Norway. No matter what time of year you visit, Norway offers amazing and unique northern adventures. The January issue highlights the ultimate Norway travel bucket list and takes readers on a tour of the world’s northernmost town, Longyearbyen. If you’re looking for places to ski and snowboard in Norway, check out the February issue.

History Favorites

Through the year, we love looking back on historic people and places from Norway’s past. From the epic voyages of polar ship Fram to uncovering how Norwegian-American immigrant male choruses supported Norway’s liberation, our topics spanned far and wide. In the October issue, we stepped back in time to learn more about the history of Akershus Fortress and recounted some of its haunted past. If you’re ever wanted to learn more about Scandinavian runestones and what they tell us about Viking culture, check out the November issue.

What were your favorite articles from 2020? Remember, you can access the digital edition of Viking magazine online.