Norway is a hot spot for architectural innovations. And its libraries are no exception! Check out these impressive libraries in Norway.

Vennesla Library & Cultural Center

Vennesla, Norway

This award-winning building is comprised of a library, café and administrative areas that link to a community house and learning center. The Huffington Post ranked the library as one of the most beautiful in the world. Created by Norwegian architecture firm Helen & Hard, the main design feature is the impressive ceiling—made from 27 prefabricated glue-laminated timber ribs. They allow for ventilation while integrating lighting, bookshelves and seating. As the columns wrap around to meet the floor, hollows lined with cushions provide private study spaces. In this video, an architect from Helen & Hard discusses the impressive design.

Stormen Concert Hall and Library  

Bodø, Norway

Located on the waterfront, this library is a white concrete cluster of cubed buildings that house more than books. Inside, visitors will find an airy oasis with a spacious reading room, café, bare and three-auditorium concert hall. Since opening in 2014, Stormen has helped bring the city of Bodø to life with world-class music and cultural events. London-based DRDH Architects drew inspiration for the center’s design from the constantly changing light of the Arctic sky, reflected in the building’s tone-changing exterior.

Deichman Library  

Oslo, Norway 

When it opens in 2019, the new Deichman Library will be one of Europe’s most modern libraries. Many are calling it “the library of the future.” The project will relocate Oslo’s public library from its current location to the Bjørvika neighborhood near the National Opera House. The new Deichman (designed by Atelier Oslo and Lund Hagem Architects) will be more than a library. It will offer cultural experiences for visitors. The green architecture will have a specially designed façade that ensures the optimal use of daylight and minimal heat loss. Get a sneak peek from this video.