When Sema Dibooglu was diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition known as gluten intolerance, she had to change her lifestyle. In 2013, she started a blog called “Eat Without Gluten.

On the blog, she posts recipes, tips and positive advice on living gluten-free. Sema says that one of the biggest challenges of being on a gluten-free diet is educating others. She’s found ways to recreate some of her favorite family recipes. One of her favorites is her grandmother’s Crème Caramel. On her YouTube channel, she demonstrates how to make easy, gluten-free recipes.

Check out her interview on page 46 of Viking’s May 2015 issue and read more below.

Q: When did you decide to start a blog about healthy living with celiac disease?

A: I decided to start my blog in 2013 after I saw how people struggled coming up with tasty gluten-free options. I wanted to make sure that people, through my blog posts, understood that gluten-free does not necessarily mean taste-free.

Q: Your blog was a runner-up to the Norwegian Best Food Blogger Award in 2014, and you have been featured in magazines such as “Allergic Living” and “Delight Gluten Free Magazine.” When did your blog start gaining momentum?

A: It did not take long at all. I am very grateful for the support that my readers are giving me, and their support encourages me to explore cool recipes and stories that are worth sharing! I think the secret to boosting readers and traffic to a blog is to be consistent and offer blog posts that people are willing to read.

Q: What has the response to your blog been like from followers?

A: I have received a very positive response to my blog from followers, and it makes what I do so much fun! It’s wonderful to know that people are reading my blog, and that it is making a difference in their lives.

Q: What are some of your future plans?

A: I’m in it for the long run, as I enjoy writing, filming, and advocating for the gluten-free lifestyle.

Sema, a talented musician, is also pursuing a music career. Check out her out (Sema Elin) on iTunes and Spotify.