Biri native Even Sigstad received his first pair of alpine skis at six years old. Today, he’s turned his passions of skiing and making films into a cool career. His award-winning production company, Field Productions specializes in outdoor movies. Check out Viking’s interview with Sigstad in the December issue and see more here.

What’s one of your favorite memories from growing up in Biri, Norway?

I loved the freedom we had as kids. Growing up in the middle of the forest and with a good group of friends, we were always doing fun and creative stuff – building tree houses, jumping on trampolines, rollerblading, skiing and climbing trees. We were active kids and our parents didn’t stop us or worried too much about us falling and getting hurt.

Why did you get involved with skiing?

My parents taught me how to ski. When I was six I got my first pair of alpine skis, and a couple of days every winter I got to go to a ski resort and ride with my family. It was the highlight of the year — even better than Christmas Eve. I just loved the feeling. I never stopped loving it, so I never stopped riding.

 Photo by Sverre Hjornevik

What type of people inspire you?

People who have fun and do their own thing inspire me. I also find inspiration by those who go all in and never give up on an impossible trick or something similar. It changes all the time, but people who work hard and have fun while doing it, whatever profession they have, is inspiring.

Which production was the most enjoyable to make?

I think it all worked out really well for us while making the first Supervention film. In the end of the filming process we were lucky with the conditions, and were able to pull of some stunts, tricks and trips that we been dreaming of for years. Editing it was hard, but we ended up with a result that everyone was happy with.