Encompassing the coastal landscape between Bergen and Sognefjorden, Nordhordland became Norway’s first biosphere reserve earlier this year. Read about it in the November issue of Viking. Here, we highlight more fun facts about Nordhordland.


  • Nordhordland is roughly 1,655,111 acres in size.
  • The reserve is home to approximately 54,000 people.
  • Until about 1970, Nordhordland was considered to be a relatively poor area. Many people made a living from agriculture, fishing and crafts.
  • It has large resources of hydroelectric power. Vast quantities of oil and gas are extracted from the seabed off the coast. The region holds a key position in the aquaculture industry.
  • Nordhordland is developing sustainability in the area. Work is being done with CO2 capture and storage experimentation, as well as the development of renewable energy.