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An extra “Congratulations!” to recruiting members who received $25 gift cards in our April, May, June and July monthly recruiter drawings. Much appreciation to our sponsors of these gifts:

  • Our Sons of Norway Financial Services department, bringing members peace of mind benefits,
  • US Bank’s exclusive Sons of Norway Visa card with rewards for members, and
  • Films of Norway – Members receive a discounted online streaming subscription for a variety of cooking shows, dramas and family friendly videos to keep in touch with Norway’s culture and language.

Recent Monthly Drawing Winning Members:

Lillian N., lodge 2-047

James H., lodge 4-524

David M., lodge 5-183

Tove-Lise M, lodge 6-048

Dixie T., lodge 2-004

Kathleen L, lodge 6-078

Carroll G., lodge 4-025

Lillian L., lodge 6-049

Sandra H., lodge 1-018

Gary G., lodge 2-015

Kae E., lodge 2-038

Dorothy F., lodge 4-603

Shelia S., lodge 1-546

Ken W., lodge 2-003

Sharon L., lodge 6-166

Karin T., lodge 7-008