What is the new process for lodge leaders to order pins for the Cultural Skills and Sports Medals Programs?

  • Sports Medals and Cultural Skills pins have now moved to our Lodge Supply Store.
  • Lodge officers can order pins by logging into sofn.com, and searching for “lodge supply store” or by clicking this link: https://sofnlodge.logoshop.com/
  • Place an order for Cultural Skills pins and/or Sports Medals


What is the new process for ordering Sports Medals?
The first steps are the same:

  • When a member earns a sports medal, they submit their tracking card to their lodge Sports Director
  • Sports Director checks over mileage/point totals
  • The Sports Director then places an order for medal(s) on the Lodge Supply Store
  • To save on shipping, we recommend combining multiple orders when possible
  • Some lodges already order pins 2- 4 times a year and have a group ceremony for pin earners a couple times a year


How does the process work for Cultural Skills?
The first step is the same:

  • A member turns in their report to their lodge Cultural Director
  • The lodge Cultural Director determines if all of the steps on the Pin Application Form have been fulfilled:
  • Cultural Director orders a pin and/or bar from the Lodge Supply Store
  • Sports Medals and Cultural Skills pins can be ordered together, to bundle shipping costs


What are expectations of lodge leaders when receiving Cultural Skills reports?

  • Cultural directors are not expected to judge the quality of the work
  • There’s no need to be a professional judge
  • Headquarters has used a similar evaluation
  • Do check whether the person has thoughtfully completed the requirements


How does the process go for members of Central Lodge?

  • Central Lodge members forward pin/medal submissions to their District Sports Director or District Cultural Director
  • This is a small number of participants
  • District officers can place an order on their behalf


Who pays for the pins?

  • Individuals pay for their own pins
  • Some lodges may decide to cover or subsidize the cost to encourage members to take part, as Cultural Skills reports boost lodge programming


Is there an alternative to pins, so members can still receive recognition without buying anything?

Yes. Lodge leaders may also print a certificate of recognition for members, if that is preferable.