ACN students pose for a photoAt American College of Norway, students from the United States and Norway take part in a cross-cultural exchange designed to help both groups grow and achieve their educational goals. Despite its location in Norway—in the coastal town of Moss, in Østfold county—ACN is part of the American university system. Courses are taught in English by American faculty, and they follow an American-style class schedule and academic calendar.

This blending of cultures serves a dual purpose: For students visiting from the U.S., the approach helps them make a smooth transition in their studies without getting too overwhelmed to explore and enjoy their time in Norway. And for ACN’s Norwegian students, taking classes in English on an American-style schedule helps prepare them to finish their degrees in the United States.

Overall, Americans and other international students make up about one-fifth of the student body at American College of Norway. By maintaining this demographic ratio, the college allows visiting students a more intimate and thoroughly immersive experience of Norwegian culture. As with the U.S.-style academic schedule, this also gives Norwegian students the chance to get familiar with American culture by studying and socializing with visiting students.

More than 2,000 students and 80 American faculty members have spent time at ACN since it began providing study abroad opportunities in 1992. Only 70 students are admitted to the program each year, creating an intimate living/learning community that encourages students to socialize and learn from one another both inside and outside the classroom.

The study abroad program at American College of Norway is open to college students at all academic levels, from freshmen to seniors. Course offerings are varied and change from year to year, but are typically made available well in advance of the approaching academic year. ACN works closely with the University of North Dakota—its school of record in the United States—to make sure that academic credits earned at ACN transfer easily to American colleges and universities. It also provides one-on-one guidance to help Norwegian students prepare for college in the U.S., with information on applications, course selection, visas and more.