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Oslo’s traditional (and sustainable) blanket coats shine at fashion week

In an era when sustainability and eco-consciousness play a growing role in people’s purchasing decisions, the fashion industry is facing new scrutiny—and pressure to change its notoriously wasteful ways. With its emphasis on timeless style, natural fibers and made-to-last construction, Norway’s fashion scene is ahead of the curve.

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Norway: A Great Spot for Birds (and Birders)

In many ways, Norway can be seen as something of a well-rounded overachiever – the nation routinely ranks at or near the top of a wide range of categories, from public safety and green energy to raising children and general life satisfaction. Here’s one more addition to that ever-growing list: birdwatching.

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Norwegian Startup Fights Loneliness by Bridging the Technology Gap

For many people waiting out the Covid-19 crisis from their homes, the sense of isolation and loneliness can be just as difficult to manage as their fears of the virus itself. To make matters worse, those most at risk of serious illness are often the most isolated—especially the elderly...

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Svalbard Seed Vault Gets a New Neighbor

Situated halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, the Svalbard Islands make up one of the world’s northernmost populated areas. In recent years, they have gained some notoriety as the home of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, where seeds from around the world are locked away in case of global catastrophe.

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