Happy National Family Fun Month! With school almost back in session and fall just around the corner, August is the perfect time to make lasting memories with your kids and loved ones before busy schedules take over.

Here are a few family-favorite activities – with a Norwegian flair – to help you celebrate all month long.

  1. Norwegian Bingo – Use a pencil and ruler to draw a grid on a sheet of paper making the Bingo board. Number the grid and use coins as game pieces. Give the game some Norwegian flair by calling out the numbers in Norwegian—one (ehn), two (tooh), three (treh). You can also use Norwegian letters—a (ah), b (beh) and so on—for an added challenge.
  2. Kubb, (pronounced KOOB)—This Nordic lawn game is played with three types of wooden pieces: kubbs, batons and a king. Using your batons, the point of the game is to be the first to knock down all the other team’s kubbs, and finally the king. Kubb can be played with two teams of up to six people. Learn more about the game’s history and find a complete Kubb 101 diagram in the June 2017 issue of Viking.
  3. Explore Your Family Tree—Have fun building your family tree together by helping your child draw, paint or cut out a tree using large sheets of paper. Draw pictures or paste photos on the branches and record family members’ names and relations. This is a great way for young people to learn about their history and develop a sense of connection within their family.

To find more family friendly games and projects, check out the quarterly section, Just for Kids, in Viking magazine.