Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is our annual opportunity to express that sentiment.

We provide for our loved ones from day one by giving food, shelter and affection—basic human instinct in the early years with our own children. As time goes on we seek to clothe, educate and further provide the pursuit of happiness. The number of people we want to nurture in this way tends to multiply with additional generations of family.

How can you continue the “I love you” when you are gone?

Life Insurance! Big or small, your estate supplies funds to your loved ones to continue to provide for them. It can pay off debt, a mortgage or replace lost income. It can educate the next generation. It can keep a family business solvent. It can even out inheritance among siblings without splitting up a business or farm. It can pay estate taxes. It can bring the family together for a memorial service and cover all costs. It can be one more display of your love and give you peace of mind long before it’s ever needed.

Call your Sons of Norway Financial Benefits Counselor to help you establish the ultimate Valentine.

Sons of Norway thanks Financial Benefits Counselor Ann Krause, FIC, LUTCF, for her kind permission to reprint this message.