As we celebrate Scandinavian food and chefs in Viking’s September issue, we are thrilled to include Trine Hahnemann. Early in her culinary career, she ran a catering company that served rock stars, such as Elton John and the Rolling Stones. Today, the chef and cookbook author runs her own company, Hahnemann’s Kitchen, and teaches cooking classes. Hahnemann is probably best known for her book, “Scandinavian Baking.” Check out her Q&A on page 38 and read more below.

Q: Where is your favorite place to visit in Norway?

A: I love the fjords and hiking up North. This year I am going to stay on a small island, Småhølmene, with a friend who has written a lovely book about her family’s relationship with a small island in Norwegian. The book is called “Island Summers.”

Q: What are some recommendations you could offer people interested in experiencing Scandinavian food?

A: I recommend a private meal in somebody’s home. Otherwise for traditional fare, Sala-hall in Stockholm, Lumbskebugten Copenhagen, Torvehallerne Copenhagen, Kolonihagen Oslo and Solberg og Hansen Oslo.

Q: What was the inspiration for your new cookbook, Peralta – Story, Food and Photos from North Tuscany?

A: I go to Italy every year with my family, and Peralta is our favorite place. I love Italian food, and I have written about it for magazines in Denmark for many years, so writing a book about Peralta was a dream come true.