In the July issue of Viking, we feature three seafood recipes from Scandinavian author, photographer and blogger Katrín Björk. Originally from Iceland, she lived in Denmark for 14 years and is now based in New York’s Hudson Valley.

In April, Björk launched her first cookbook, “From the North: A Simple and Modern Approach to Authentic Nordic Cooking,” which includes a collection of more than 75 Nordic-inspired recipes. Check out Viking’s July issue for her pan-fried flounder, fried cod and blue mussels with beer.

Looking for some great accompaniments? We recommend Björk’s potato salad and grilled corn as side dishes, her lemon sponge cake for dessert and an Icelandic birch cocktail (featured in Viking’s February issue). For more Scandinavian-inspired recipes and home trends, be sure to also check out her blog.