The world’s nicest reality show, Alt for Norge—known in English as The Great Norway Adventure—is about to cast its 10th season.  In this heritage-based reality show, a dozen Norwegian-Americans fly to their ancestral homeland to compete in a variety of culture-related challenges.

The challenges range from culinary feats such as eating sea urchin, to the adventurous challenge of spending a proper Påskeferie (Easter break) atop a snowy mountain. Most of the content is new to the contestants, as they cannot have traveled to Norway after the age of 15, and are discouraged from learning the language beforehand.

The Norwegian viewership can’t get enough of the Americans’ fun-loving openness and fascination with the country that their ancestors left behind. In one episode, the contestants are given bunads from their ancestral region, causing many of them to well up with tears.

The show portrays cast members in a positive light, without editing clips together to create interpersonal drama. For many of the challenges, the contestants do better when they cooperate with others. Despite the feel-good vibe, one cast member is eliminated in each episode, with the overall winner taking home $50,000 and having a chance to meet their living relatives. Before a contestant goes home, they receive a copy of their family tree, usually at their ancestral farm.

The deadline to apply for Season 10 is December 2. Applicants must have some Norwegian ancestry and be at least 18 years old.  Contestant hopefuls can apply online. Follow Alt for Norge and watch video clips on Facebook.

Photo credit: Alt for Norge Facebook