In the November 2016 issue of Viking we talked with Norwegian screenwriters Anna Bache-Wiig and Siv Rajendram Eliassen. They are the masterminds behind Norway’s hit television drama, “Acquitted.” Here, they discuss more about their career and favorite places in Norway.

On the inspiration behind the television series “Acquitted”

The story is inspired by a real life 1995 murder case in Norway. At the time I took great interest in the case, not so much because of the murder itself, but because of the consequences, especially for the young man who was accused of murder. He was acquitted, but still sentenced to pay damages. So, he was in fact acquitted and convicted at the same time.

On where good ideas and plot lines come from

If the idea is strong enough, all ideas and plot lines spring from that idea. It’s not something magic that comes with inspiration. It’s hard work. We are like archaeologists digging out bits and pieces of a giant dinosaur skeleton. We just know when something is missing, and when it all comes together.

On the qualities it takes to be a successful screenwriter

Patience! Writing for television is like running a marathon. It involves constant criticism during the process, rewrites and disappointments along the way. It’s really hard to handle sometimes. That’s why we love to be a team. We support each other.

On the best places to visit in Norway

We love the fjords!  “Acquitted” is filmed on the West Coast, in Årdal and Lærdal. We also recommend Oslo — a vibrant city of constant change.