young girl in bunad dress, with fjords in the background

Kaia tries on her Oslo roommate’s bunad during parents’ weekend at Hardanger Folk School.

Did you know that educational scholarships are an important way of sharing our heritage and Nordic values with younger generations? It feels great to help young Sons of Norway members explore their Norwegian roots though the exciting and educational life experiences made possible by our generous donors. Scholarships are available through the Sons of Norway Foundation and many local lodges.

It’s notes like these from Sons of Norway scholarship recipients that bring a warm glow to the hearts of many members:

I’m studying Friluftsliv (outdoor life) at Hardanger Folkehøgskule in Norway. My favorite activities so far are allsang (sing-along), volleyball and going on hikes. I have been learning lots of Norwegian . . . I really appreciate the scholarship from our lodge, making this year possible. Tusen takk! Beste Helsing, Kaia

young girl with glasses, standing in front of a tour bus

Freya, age 13, of Stillwater, MN is a member of the Peer Gynt Dancers, Synnøve-Nordkap’s Jr. Lodge. Freya was awarded a scholarship to attend Skogfjorden, Concordia Language Villages’ Norwegian immersion camp in Bemidji, MN in June of 2019. Here’s a photo of Freya setting off on the bus for camp.

I had so much fun learning the language and meeting new people! Skogfjorden is truly a special place and I hope to return next year! Takk for sommer! Freya

Don’t miss out: March 1, 2020 is the deadline to apply for several scholarships offered through the Sons of Norway Foundation. Learn how to apply for scholarships through the Sons of Norway Foundation. Also check with your local lodge to learn whether additional scholarships may be available!

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