You may remember from a few weeks ago that Sons of Norway asked you to participate in a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of Fraternal organizations, like ours, in the eyes of U.S. legislators. It was a great experience and, thanks to the efforts of our members, a successful one. To cap it all off, Sons of Norway’s CEO Eivind Heiberg made a trip to Washington D.C. last week as part of a contingent of Fraternal CEOs. Their goal was to meet with members of the U.S. Senate and discuss the positive difference we make in communities throughout the country.

In the photo above you can see our CEO as part of a delegation meeting with Sen. Amy Klobuchar of MN.

As American Fraternal Alliance President Joe Annotti stated in a recent blog post, “there are no better advocates for the fraternal system than the executives of Alliance member societies.  In just four hours, eighteen delegations of Alliance executives met with more than 60 Members of Congress and their staff to tell the fraternal story and demonstrate first-hand the value and viability of the tax exemption that allows us to accomplish our unique financial and social missions.”

This was the third time in recent years that the AFA had organized a “Day on the Hill” for executives of its member organizations. According to Mr. Annotti the result of these efforts has been “Members of Congress have a much better understanding of the impact fraternals have in their own backyards and nationally… which will serve Alliance members and the millions of individuals who rely on them well for years to come.”