Photo Credit: Disney/Pixar “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”

Find yourself missing the holiday season already? If so, you can continue celebrating those beloved Norwegian Christmas traditions well into the New Year by watching the newly released short film, “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.”

Building further upon the Norwegian references introduced in the original film “Frozen,” this 22-minute spin-off features a number of Scandinavian holiday customs many will be sure to recognize. The film follows Elsa, Anna and Olaf the snowman on their quest to find a Christmas tradition, and along the way embrace lefse, almond ring cake, straw goats and much more. The flick even goes as far as including a giant cake in the shape of Norway.

Since its debut, the Disney movie “Frozen” has reached record breaking popularity and earned more than 1.2 billion dollars worldwide, making it the highest-grossing animation film of all time. As a result, Norway has attracted global attention: According to Visit Norway, the number of U.S. tourists, airline flights, hotel stays and city tours all increased remarkably during the months following the release of the film.

Although it is still unsure if the short film, along with the upcoming sequel coming to theatres November 2019, will have any additional impact on Norway’s tourism, one thing is for sure. Audiences can expect to enjoy even more references to the fascinating culture and country of Norway.

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