Today we are checking in with our Norwegian Experience winner as they go on a fjord excursion and explore the beautiful city of Bergen.

SofN: I see from your itinerary that you took a fjord cruise. How was it?

SB: The fjord cruise was nice.  It was a fun way to travel.  It was a bit rainy, but I understand that is part of the magic of the mountains and fjords.  Everything was certainly green.  We saw a lot of beautiful waterfalls.  We enjoyed looking for the cabins on the side of the mountains and wondered how they managed to get it built and then how they got their supplies.  Guess those answers would explain the hardiness of our ancestors.

SofN: I also see that you spent some time visiting the a glacier museum. What was that like?

SB: Seeing a real glacier was very interesting. The lake at the bottom was very cold and they told us the snow that covered the restaurant near the glacier had just melted in June and that they were looking forward to summer!  The museum was fun.  We got to walk through an ice cave, touch a piece of ice from the glacier and watch a 5 screen helicopter tour of Norway’s glaciers. 

SofN: How have you liked Bergen so far? What has been your favorite part? Have there been any surprises on this part of the trip?

SB: Bergen was a very pretty city.  We had a private tour and learned about the Hanseatic lodges.  The buildings were amazingly old.  We took the funicular ride to the top of the mountain.  It was a nice afternoon and the view was fantastic.

Our favorite part of Bergen was staying up late as it is light way past 11 and seeing the city lights!  

It sounds like an amazing trip so far! Don’t forget–this year’s trip is supported by Sons of Norway’s official travel partner, Borton Overseas. Be sure to check them out on the web and learn about the 5% discount they offer all members.