Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Every year, many of us pledge to better ourselves – exercise more, save more, etc. There are also many ways you can resolve to help the organization you love. Here are a few simple New Year’s resolutions for Sons of Norway.

Share Sons of Norway with a friend or relative

This is the easiest way to help Sons of Norway. Our lodges are often called our best kept secret. Make 2017 the year to spill the beans! Bringing a friend or relative to your local lodge meeting helps introduce them to everything Sons of Norway has to offer and it won’t cost you a thing.

Share your talents with your lodge

This resolution can come in many forms: Maybe you’re a keen Norwegian dancer – offer to teach a lesson for your fellow members. If you’ve got accounting experience – you can help with the lodge’s books. Everyone has a talent or skill that can benefit the lodge, and doing so helps the lodge and your fellow members.

Give to the Foundation

The Sons of Norway Foundation makes a difference in the lives of many people. Through scholarships for college students to community grants for worthy causes, the Foundation is able to make its impact almost solely through donations from generous members. Even a few dollars can make a world of difference. Giving is easy, too: Simply add a donation to your dues renewal this year.

Purchase a Sons of Norway Financial Product

By purchasing a Sons of Norway financial product, you’re actually doing something for your lodge and yourself. You’re getting the financial security that comes with a life insurance plan or annuity. Some of that money, in turn, goes back to your lodge. At the end of the year, both you and your lodge could be benefiting from a more secure financial future.  For more information, contact your lodge’s Financial Benefits Counselor.

These are just a few ways you can help make 2017 an banner year for Sons of Norway. Interested in discovering more ways to contribute to your lodge’s vitality? Contact your lodge President or Vice President to see how you can help make a difference.