Vocal quartet Åkervinda adds modern flair to Scandinavia folk songs. The members of the group, Linda, Lise and Agnes, met while they were studying jazz music. They’ve performed throughout Scandinavian and North America and hope to have new music to share by the end of this year. Read more about them in the February 2016 issue of Viking and see more below.

“We all had a mutual interest in Scandinavian folk music. The focus on the Scandinavian folk music comes from a shared love of that particular way of singing, and also as a way of finding our own roots.”

“We feel that our music is important and needs to be shared with the world.”

“We are very much hoping to return to the States again soon. We had an amazing trip and met a lot of inspiring people. In Toronto, we did a music video with the great fiddle virtuoso Jaron Freeman-Fox, with whom we’ve started an exciting collaboration. Visiting the areas where a great amount of people with Scandinavian background and heritage live also gave us perspective on our music. It felt really good to discover that there is a great interest in the music that we do.”