Sons of Norway Announces New Racing Sponsorship

posted on Fri, Apr 15 2016 11:00 am by Erik Evans

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Sons of Norway is pleased to announce its new sponsorship of Norwegian racer, Caroline Olsen for the 2016 MotoAmerica series.

Olsen, a native of Halden, Norway, has been tearing up race tracks throughout Scandinavia and Europe for a few years now. She won the Rookie 600 cup in 2008, the Norwegian Championship in 2011, Silver medal in the Swedish championship and a bronze medal in the Nordic Championship in 2012. Olsen last year she competed in 10 races as part of the Superstock600 in Scandinavia and finished in the top 5 in every race save one.

This year, she’s moved over the the U.S. to compete in the MotoAmerica Superstock 600 series, which kicks off this weekend in Atlanta. She’ll be competing as 1 of only 4 women in the series and when we asked about competing in a male dominated sport she had this to say: “It’s a lot of fun but also quite challenging at times. I feel like I have to prove myself more then maybe guys have to. People always seem to make the assumption that because I’m a woman I don’t have the skills, determination or knowledge about motorcycles and racing like some of the boys have.”

Olsen first got the speed bug when she was 17, riding a 125cc Aprilia street bike. “I was young, inexperienced and stupid, and had a couple of crashes where the last one was with my little brother on the back on our way to school. You can imagine my mum being furious, and she forbid me to ride any more motorcycles before I could learn how to handle the bike. It was by pure mistake she sent me to a license course for roadracing instead of a normal traffic course, and that was it for me. I was hooked and I’ve been in love with the sport ever since.”

This year her goals are clear—she is shooting to finish in the top 15 in every race this season. We believe she can do it and are inviting all members to watch her first race in Atlanta this Saturday at 4pm EDT. Everyone can stream it live by visiting the MotoAmerica site at: We hope you’ll join us in cheering Caroline on this weekend and throughout the season!

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