Sons of Norway is pleased to announce that its internal creative team has been recognized by an industry publication for its commitment to design excellence. Earlier this month, the American InHouse Design Awards announced its slate of 2015 award winners, which included Sons of Norway and three of its projects from last year: Sons of Norway’s Annual Report, the 2014 Christmas Ornament and the Norwegian Bicentennial Exhibition.

Erik Evans, Sons of Norway’s Communications Manager said, “this is the 10th consecutive year that our creative team has been recognized by the InHouse Design Awards, and it stands as a testament to the their tradition of excellence.”

Bicentennial Exhibit
The purpose of this special exhibit was to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the signing of Norway’s constitution and raise awareness of how it incorporated elements of the American Constitution. The exhibit was designed by Sons of Norway creative staff and sponsored by valued partners, including the Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate General and the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Annual Report
This was a stand-alone document based on the report that ran in the July 2014 issue of Viking magazine. It was created to help inform non-member stakeholder groups of our financial health as well as the accomplishments made by our staff, FBCs and members over the previous year.

2014 Christmas Ornament
This was the 5th ornament in the current rosemaling series, this time focusing on the Agder style. The ornament, which highlights a unique geographic style of rosemaling also serves as a family memento and education point for those interested in this art form.