If you’ve been craving new fitness goals, we are here to help! These two medals are now available for anyone aiming to set the bar higher in the Sons of Norway Sports Medal Program.

The first of our new medals, Idrettshelt [ee-dretts-hellt]—the sports hero pin—is the 5th level within any sports medal category.

We’ve also added Hederspris [hay-dersh-prees]—the outstanding sports achievement award. This pin is for members who’ve earned the bronze, silver, gold and enamel medals in each of any three sports medal categories.

New to the Sports Medal Program? Get involved today!

The Sons of Norway Sports Medal Program is a simple and rewarding way to engage in the Norwegian tradition of friluftsliv (outdoor living) while staying active and working toward your fitness goals. It’s fully customizable to fit your lifestyle and includes options for a variety of ages, fitness levels and activity preferences—there’s even a virtual pilgrimage option for members who want to learn more about Norwegian history as part of their workout routine, as well as a general fitness category for those who want to incorporate dance, martial arts or other types of physical activity!

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose the pin you want to focus on: general fitness, skiing, swimming, biking or walking.
  • Choose your goal within the program.
  • Work toward pre-determined requirements to earn your way to the sports medals, earning each level in sequence.
  • When your record card is complete, submit it to your lodge’s Sports Director, who will order your pins and present them to you at a lodge meeting.

Get started today! Visit the Sons of Norway website for further details on submitting points toward these pins.