Snakker du litt norsk? If you are looking to learn the basics of Norwegian, Sons of Norway’s online language lessons get you going with 37 installments, including how to pronounce a few julesanger (Christmas carols – Lesson 26) and how to decipher a Norwegian cake recipe (Lesson 28). Anyone can view the lessons, but only members can log in to hear native speakers pronounce each word and phrase.

For intermediate and advanced Norwegian learners, there are many online opportunities to learn and use Norwegian:

  • allows you to listen to Norwegian radio. You need to create a login, and streaming is free. First filter stations by Music or Talk and then choose from arts, culture, news, children’s stories and fourteen different musical genres.
  • Keep up with world news through NRK’s weekday youth news digest, Supernytt. The pace is good for newer language learners. Be sure to turn on the Norwegian subtitles to help you follow along. Each episode includes news, weather, current affairs, and cool things kids are doing around the world.
  • Språkrå can help with grammar and punctuation questions, and will tell you what abbreviations such as bl.a. and obs. mean.
  • For little ones, there are some NRK shows that are viewable outside of Norway, like Fantorangen.
  • Can you name the Christmas cookies? What do you know about Norwegian kids’ books? Could you pass the Norwegian citizenship test? Ta en quiz på norsk!

Watch Norwegian cooking shows, documentaries and more through streaming service Films of Norway (offers a 7-day free trial, and Sons of Norway members receive 25% off a subscription) or check out the growing list of Norwegian language offerings on Netflix, such as new release Hjem til Jul (Home for the Holidays), dance movie Battle, and many others.