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Summer Volunteer Ideas

Sons of Norway Headquarters is proud to announce exciting new changes to the Spotlight on Volunteerism contest. Beginning on June 1st and running through the end of the year we’ll be searching for projects that epitomize Sons of Norway’s commitment to making our communities better. Unlike past contests, though, we’re asking for your help to select a winner. At the end [...]

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Sons of Norway Recognized for Design Excellence

Sons of Norway is pleased to announce that its internal creative team has been recognized by an industry publication for its commitment to design excellence. Earlier this month, the American InHouse Design Awards announced its slate of 2015 award winners, which included Sons of Norway and three of its projects from last year: Sons of Norway’s Annual Report, the 2014 Christmas [...]

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Lodge Picnics

Summer is a Great Time for Lodge Picnics! Summer is here so that means it’s a great time for a lodge picnic. As you might remember from previous issues of R&R, June through August are a slower time for many lodges as they take a break from regular programs and events. This slow down means summer can actually be a dangerous [...]

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Unique Summer Ideas

Traditionally, the summer months are a slower time for Sons of Norway. Some lodges even take a break for a few months instead of competing with all distractions that come with summer. But we'd like to point out that June through August represent a great opportunity for lodges to host programming that isn’t possible when it’s colder, and thus are an [...]

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Inspiring Teenager: Sema Dibooglu

When Sema Dibooglu was diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition known as gluten intolerance, she had to change her lifestyle. In 2013, she started a blog called “Eat Without Gluten.” On the blog, she posts recipes, tips and positive advice on living gluten-free. Sema says that one of the biggest challenges of being on a gluten-free diet is educating others. She’s [...]

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