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About dugnad

The Norwegian term “dugnad” dates back centuries and is widely recognized as a cultural tradition of shared work among neighbors. Here at Sons of Norway, volunteerism within members’ local communities has been embraced since our founding in 1895, and it continues to play a huge role in lodge activities today.

The term dates back centuries, but over time has grown to represent a way of life or social expectation to help one’s local community. Dugnad typically occurs around holidays and during the change of seasons, and occurs in neighborhoods, apartment buildings, summer cabins and even at schools or places of work. The custom was originally started as a way to complete big tasks like roofing or haymaking, but today dugnad has evolved to mean unpaid voluntary work done by a group for local, national or international causes. The custom is so ingrained in Norwegian culture that “dugnad” was voted Norway’s 2004 word of the year.