adult couple kayakingMost people approaching retirement know that delaying Social Security can maximize their retirement income by increasing the size of their payments. Up to a point, the longer you wait the more money you get.

But if you want to retire earlier than the government guidelines for full retirement age, where will your income stream come from in the meantime? If you convert a portion of your investment portfolio into an annuity, you can have a secure, reliable income stream to help you retire before you reach full retirement age.

Income annuities can provide a steady paycheck for your lifetime, and converting a portion of your portfolio into an annuity can provide security and comfort in the years ahead. One option from Sons of Norway is a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA). This is a very straightforward policy—you tell your agent how much you want to put in, and you will know exactly what your checks will be for the future. Another option is the Sons of Norway Bonus Annuity. This can provide a bonus of up to 8% on your money, and it avoids market volatility and offers choices after 10 years.

Contact your Financial Benefits Counselor today and explore your options for deciding when to retire!